How The Process Works

New accounts for first-time orders can take up to 48 hours to be setup. If you order on a Saturday or Sunday, please give us until the following Monday to get setup as we are not fully staffed on the weekends.

Once setup you will receive 2 e-mails. One of which will have your account passwords and another will have your report link and link to the managed blog submission form.

Please review the details below so when you receive your submission link, we can get your order started as soon as possible.

Order Details & Information

Watch the short explainer video so you understand how to submit your content details:

Note: If you are having us write content for an about page, location page or another similar style of branded content, we will require additional information or a reference to create the content as a seed keyword is not provided. If you want your content to be dripped out, your website must be on a platform that allows scheduling. 

We keep all of our client’s information secure and safe. Please watch the below video on how to share login access for your managed site request:

Share Your Login Information With The Below Email:

Managed Posting Schedule:

Your managed blog posts will start 7 days after completing the managed blog submission form. After 7 days, your posts will continue every week with the example schedule below:

  • 1 Post a Week
  • 3 Posts a Week
  • 5 Posts a Week

If you have any questions, please view our FAQ page: Frequently Asked Questions

You can also contact support here: Submit a Ticket